5 Factors On How To Save Money On The Road

5 Factors To Consider When Saving Money on the Road

When travelling, you would want to make the most out of your vacation. Having to spend for unnecessary expenses could be such a downer. This blog will teach you how you could stretch every dollar on the road and how to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Food and Snacks

Wherever you go, inevitably you would be spending a whole lot on food. Although it is an expected expense, people still look for ways on how to reduce spending on it.

Instead of going to restaurants, fast food chains are the way to go when you’re on a budget. Always look for the dollar menu. You could get a dollar for a burger and add just a few more cents to complete the meal with fries and soda. There are many variations but this is definitely a good alternative to dining in.

Other than this, packing food and snacks on the road is the best way to save money. Bring a cooler and don’t forget the ice to be able to stack all your junk food, snacks, beverages, and even pre-cooked meals that you could heat up in your hotel microwave. This would not only save money but time too as you don’t need to make too many stopovers.

2. Lodging

Lodging is one of the biggest factors to consider cause you would definitely need to rest after travelling.

Booking a hotel is the safest way to go but make sure to check on deals online from third party websites because they offer cheaper rates for rooms instead of booking directly from hotel websites.  Examples of this are hotel.com, expedia.com, booking.com, trivago.com, and the list goes on. Motels are the next alternative for more affordable lodging but for those who are not comfortable with this, Airbnb is also a good option where you get to book a home or room from a local. Tourzan highly recommends this in our pursuit to promote travelling local.

If you’re in for the ride, booking an RV Van is also one of the many ways you could save money on the road. You can have the chance to travel and not worry about where you’re gonna sleep cause you’re taking a home along with you. This is perfect for families who would want to make the most of their time on the road. Just find a perfect parking spot and you’re good to go.

3. Parking

Most overlooked but still is a big factor. Most establishments that are tourist spots overcharge for parking spaces. Some even charge parking by the minute and we are not amused!

When making your bookings, try to scout for deals that have free parking. If you’re staying in a hotel, it might not be best to park at the establishment as they charge per night around 25-50$ estimate. Finding a nearby public parking area that is free or at the very least, charges less sounds better- that is if you don’t have that much baggage.

It is much better to look for street parking. You only have to pay for the meter that does not cost as much. Some might argue that it might not be safe but as long as you have arranged your belongings properly inside your vehicle, then you have nothing to worry about.

4. Free Accomodations

Scouting for freebies is an absolute must when travelling! There are many activities that won’t require you to spend at all.

Some parks and tourist spots for one are often free of charge. Other than this, if you’re checked in to a hotel or airbnb, more often that not the host would have activity suggestions lined up for you. Make sure to ask for budget friendly recommendations that would suit you best. Camping is also another good example as you will bring all the equipment necessary to enjoy your stay. The only requirement is to choose the best spot and that’s it.

5. Gas

Even if you rent an RV that eliminates lodging or pack a lot of snacks to avoid buying and dining, you would still need to shoulder gas expenses as you’ll be spending majority of your time on the road. Before heading out to your adventure, make sure to research on the best gas options there is in your route.

Other technical ways to save up on gas is to avoid speeding, gently pressing on the brake, and using the fan mode of the airconditioning of the car or put your windows down when you’re placed in a cool place.

Have a safe drive. Happy Travelling!

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