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Tips For Picking The Best Local Experience

Hot Tips For Picking The Best Local Experience For Your Vacation

It’s a very good time to be a traveler. Not too long ago, when you were traveling abroad, coordinating everything from a safe and com...

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Bwindi Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi’s Gori...

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Lots of Important Updates!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you all for being so engaged with It has been an incredible year for this startup. When I founded this company I wanted to make a commitment to not send o...

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Top 5 cheap to travel countries

More and more people are wanting to have cheaper travel. But there is an issue with cheaping out, usually you sacrifice something whether it’s comfort or an activity. That is why we have compiled a...

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Hipmunk has changed my travel life

Ok I LOVE to travel. I think that is a given. I started tourzan because I LOVE to travel. But there is one thing i love more than simply traveling. That is easily planning my routes. fo...

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In-person upselling is a horrible idea. Here's why.

Many tours offer a secondary upsell but usually they are free tours with kickbacks. One of the founding concepts of Tourzan was to make the experience immersive and take away the concept of feeling...

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Uber like apps for the travel industry

When I was in India a few years go with my workplace we were approached by a few guides who wanted to show us the sights for around $20. We shrugged them off as we weren't sure we could trust them ...

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Cash in a cashless platform.

As they say cash is king. In the United States a lot of things are cashless and when I conceived tourzan I made some assumptions about how we could best accommodate guides on the platform. That mea...

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The need for increased trust in independent guides

Have you ever gone to any tourist attraction and feel like you are being hustled into a tour by some random person? In some cases these are genuine people with tour licenses. In the foot of Teoti...

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Why you should eat local when traveling.

Cuisine is culture in action, there is something special in each and every dish you eat. A story behind each meal. I am from the USA our food is a hodge podge of different countries and invention. ...

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