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The Capital of Bhutan


Thimphu is a place like never before as it combines a small-town feel with its new commercial growth. The new and old charm makes the capital one of the world’s most intriguing destinations....

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An unexpected journey

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is unlike any other city. It will transport you to another world as it’s the gateway to the ancient and mystical Ethiopian history. But as the fourth-largest city in Africa,...

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A Hidden Mediterranean Gem


With its location in the Mediterranean Sea, Tunis is a cultural cosmopolitan city. It’s also the main entryway into the country. Releasing its dark past from the 2011 revolution, Tunis is pro...

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The Capital of Pakistan


Getting Here


The Islamabad International Airport receive many international flights from various destinations. It replaced the old Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Rawalpindi and...

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Ancient Nepal


Kathmandu is an experience in itself. With its sights, sounds, and smells, the city can be a lot to take in at once but it’s a place you never forget once visiting. In the exhausting worl...

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The heart of Pakistan


Located in the northeast region of Pakistan, Lahore is one of the few cities in the countries that many other cities aspire to be. Lahore is one of the few cities that is the most progressive...

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A next level adventure


The buzzing city of Kampala makes it a great place to begin your adventures in Uganda. It is lively and engaging, making it easier to navigate with few hassles other East African capitals ha...

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Tenka no Daidokoro


Out of all the cities in Japan, Osaka isn’t necessarily one that visitors will have at the top of their life. The port city doesn’t scream for tourists because quite frankly, it isn’t a touris...

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A breath of fresh air.


The Incan capital brings in many travelers for it’s ancient culture that still lures in the city’s streets. With colonial architecture and heavily influenced Quechua lifestyle in the Andes Mou...

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The Saphire of Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh has come a long way, it’s even considered the Red Sea Riviera. From one hotel, two dive centers, and a snack bar, it has become Egypt’s key resort with some of the co...

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