Cash in a cashless platform.

As they say cash is king. In the United States a lot of things are cashless and when I conceived tourzan I made some assumptions about how we could best accommodate guides on the platform. That meant enforcing cashless on ALL orders. Needless to say, I love cashless solutions but more often than not people don’t agree with the same ideas I do.

In lots of places in the world, banking systems have lost trust with their customers. For example history shows that when launched its marketplace service in mexico it had a really hard time because the merchants simply didn’t like the idea of the bank having their money.

This is also the case in a lot of countries around the world and in places where Tourzan can’t accept digital payments such as Myanmar where the idea of electronic banking is such a new concept that it would be unlikely to see any traction. So how can we work to make this platform more ideal with guides in these places?

It was brought to my attention recently by a friend of mine who happens to be a guide.  He told me that in mexico city it would be easier to trade cash with the customer because cash in king. It dawned on me there is a fundamental flaw in a 100% cashless marketplace.

In Myanmar there is an issue with fake currency and accountability of banks to deliver. There are a few services out there like Xoom who have payout solutions to cash wich would let larger financial institutions with more experience take that accountability and deliver. It’s ironic really that by adding cash back into the solution we can make a cashless system better.

My goal overall is to support the users on the platform and bring the most value to our users I can. I ask myself constantly, how can I keep the cost of transactions lowest and how can i keep the payout cycler more consistent. Cash might be the answer. We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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