Lots of Important Updates!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you all for being so engaged with Tourzan.com. It has been an incredible year for this startup. When I founded this company I wanted to make a commitment to not send out useless emails to our members. We want to respect your inbox and your time. So it is really exciting for me to be sending the first newsletter here at Tourzan. A lot is packed in here so hold on tight! There is just so much to list so for the sake of your email here's the TLDR: We have a boat load of new features, a mobile app, and a referral promo, check it out!

Mobile App:

This is probably the most exciting thing. We have an on demand mobile app on the way for those of you our there that are hustling for your workday. You can remove the hustle from the effort with our on demand mobile app.Think of it like an Uber like app for tour guides. Sign up for the waitlist to let us know you want our app in your city!

We have a referral program right now! Here is the details!
Some of your might already have seen the referral code in your profile

  • If you refer 5 people who become a tourist you get 20% off your next order.

  • If you are a guide and refer 5 people who become identity verified guides you get your service fees wiped off the face of the planet for 5 years! This is limited to the first 500 guides who refer their friends and co-workers

This is great for those companies out there who have a few tour guides or friends who like to show others around together.

Checkout some of our new features:
Almost all of these are features our members have asked for directly and I am super proud to say we listen and deliver on your needs.

Guide Interview Style questionnaire:
This one you didn’t ask for. However, we asked ourself: How could we make this feel more personal and connected. Guide profiles now have an interview style questionnaire for the profile. let your guest know what you are like before you let them know in person. Its a great addition and a great way to hook your customers in.

Tours menu:
Our new and improved tours menu is a big improvement over the previous solution. it includes new objects to help emphasize your itinerary and experiences. If you have tours on the platform give it a spruce up with these new options!

Scheduled tours:
The new scheduler is a lot less slow and a bit more intuitive than before. You can set up a schedule for a day as a customized solution or you can schedule up to three months at a time. We automatically switch it to a private tour if the schedule expires

Private tours:
Private tours are now a thing! We let the guides set a bookable price and then the tourist can suggest a time and date. The Guide can then work with their client to adjust the expectations.

Country searching:
We had noticed a lot of people were searching for countries and not cities. So now you can search by country and get more options.

Separated signups:
We noticed after watching a few of our users register for the first time that the combined login/register page was confusing so we separated them Thanks for the feedback!

Chat solutions:
We always love social first. Get to know if your customer or guide is the right fit before you settle. So the chats are now a way for you to manage your experience. The added translation features in the top right corner of the website will also let you converse natively without knowing the language. Technology is AMAZING.

Improved advertising outlook:
During the first half of the year we were not so hot in our marketing efforts. lets be honest here. We had a lot of information to sift through and a lot of marketing avenues to chew on. We ultimately settled on a direction and rethought our experiments on guide profiles and tour profiles. We currently see a 30% increase which is up substantially from earlier in the year. Additionally we added incentives to profiles. If you are a guide and you see a coupon code that you didn’t authorize do not worry. This is not going to take away from your pocket. This is simply a Tourzan applied discount.

Tourzan Applied Discounts:
tourzan.com also likes to help out where we can. We care about everyone on our service. So this is why we apply our own Tourzan Coupons on occasion. This will not effect what tour guides take home from. its a service we gladly provide to you.
If you see a coupon at the top of a tour that you didn’t authorize us to put on your tour it is more than likely a Tourzan applied discount code.

We added a coupon solution. If you are a guide who wants to provide a discount to your tours we can provide these for your as a service on request. Guide requested coupons are different from Tourzan Applied Discounts in that they reflect what the guide takes home.

Features being worked on right now:
Teams - Invite your colleagues to team up and show who all works together.
Multiple Cities - You will be able to add more cities to your service area not jus where

Bugs we fixed:
Deleted tours were still visible on the front of the site.

New Integration Partners:
BrettApproved - Travel recommendations for people with disabilities.

I wanted to thank you for your time, feedback and interest in Tourzan.com
Happy Holidays and have and amazing 2019

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