The need for increased trust in independent guides

Have you ever gone to any tourist attraction and feel like you are being hustled into a tour by some random person? In some cases these are genuine people with tour licenses. In the foot of Teotihuacan in Mexico there are guides who will educate you on the site. They have a large lanyard with a license on it. According to a friend of mine who is an archeology student, only so many are given a year and it’s incredibly hard to get the license. While he was my guide for the day. I still felt like I was being hustled by two genuine tour guides.

Again it hit me, when I was in India, I visited Golconda Fort. I was approached by a man who wanted to show me around for about 200INR. While this was about $2, I still could not part with my precious $2 dollars…simply because I didn’t want to be hustled, I could not trust this person. It is sad when you know that I could easily afford that.

Now I know this phenomenon is incredibly common. I see it all over the world when I travel. How can we as people support the professional independent guide when we do not give ourselves the open mindedness to trust them?

With the advent of smart phones and a boom in low cost devices in developing nations, it is clear that there is so much more we can do. This is why is working on a solution for on demand guides, and as industry trusted service you can get connected with a guide with peace of mind and avoid being hustled or any con artists. Simply open the app hit a button and be paired with someone who shares your interests and language set who knows the sites you want to learn about.

We are in build phase right now and are pushing for Alpha testing in about 2 months. Expect this time next year to see a new way of traveling. 

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