Top 5 cheap to travel countries

More and more people are wanting to have cheaper travel. But there is an issue with cheaping out, usually you sacrifice something whether it’s comfort or an activity. That is why we have compiled a list of exceptionally budget friendly countries for you to travel to!

5. India

India is exceptional and vast, you can get many many vacations here in various parts of the country without spending very much at all. India also plays host to many fascinations of the world including the Taj Mahal and the birth of Buddhism, it has inspired many brilliant minds like Steve Jobs and The Beatles. There is so much to see and do. Holi is the festival of colors and takes place around March, Diwali is the festival of lights and takes place in late October early November. With so many things to see Need help figuring out what to do?

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4. Peru

Peru is an amazing city with rich history from mesoamerican civilizations to spanish colonialism. Peru also has an incredibly modern history with its independance having been won in 1881. If you are a nightlife person you can find a vast array of modern bars and a wide variety of international food scenes. Beyond Machu Picchu there are many small towns worth visiting and the country is quite safe to travel solo as well. But if you do need a guide to be your companion we have a few worth looking into.

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3. Ukraine

If you are a fan of architecture or nuclear tourism then there is no better place than Ukraine. Ukraine has a deep history as part of the soviet union and after its breakup in the 80’s ukraine developed into an identity of its own. The cost of living is cheap and the attractions range from bar hoping, exploring medieval catacombs, and even trekking through the Chernobyl exclusion zone. There is plenty to see and do.

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2. Kenya

Okay okay! So here is the scoop. Kenya is incredible. It’s a quickly modernizing country with an amazing ecotourism landscape with world renowned safari’s in the masai mara conservation area which borders the serengeti or and if you are the adventurous type an incredible street food scene. From Nairobi you don’t have to go far see a masai village or a giraffe as the giraffe center is close by and the Bomas of Kenya are right around the corner. Going out alone i would not recommend and hiring a local guide is highly encouraged.

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1. Indonesia

Indonesia might surprise you but after my trip in Jakarta it has undoubtedly been on my mind as a place to go back to. It has unmatched beauty in every aspect as this developing nation shares its city with jungles. My hotel in downtown cost me nearly $34 a night and the average spend per day was under $10 needless to say $100 would go a very long way. It is incredible how far your money can go in this paradise island. Heading down to Bali you will find beaches and villas and volcanoes you can trek up. It is certainly a solo travelers or a digital nomads dream destination. It is on my list as the number one must see place and cheapest to visit country on this list because there is just so much to do from lagoon swimming, jungling, to volcano trekking to the exotic foods and the incredibly beautiful and kind people.

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