Uber like apps for the travel industry

When I was in India a few years go with my workplace we were approached by a few guides who wanted to show us the sights for around $20. We shrugged them off as we weren't sure we could trust them as they had no credentials and no immediate way for us to know if we were going to be getting a good experience. Fast forward a few years later to the weekend my sister got married.  Me and a friend of mine who is now a guide on the tourzan platform took me to Teotihuacan. We were approached by two men displaying guide badges and hustling for work at the site. I would have considered it should i not have been with Ramon. However without Ramon letting me know that the badges signified a licence i would have approached them with similar fashion to the guide in India. People do not like to feel hustled. They do not like to feel pressured. This is why I think the rise of On-Demand apps is so fascinating.

Real time mobile applications in the travel industry are a complicated thing. Uber and Lyft made it popular in the USA, Grab in Southeast Asia. However the taxi industry is easier to design for about. It has a lot of advantages. Build in battery chargers inside the car, driver does not need to entertain the passenger or even speak the same language, they don’t need to relate outside of simply driving you from point A to point B.. Most everyone needs a taxi from the airport and no one wants to fight for their car. It seems like a rather big win-win

This is where things fall apart. Real time apps are typically resource intensive and serve a very niche purpose. What about Tour Guides? Could a real time cashless application serve to alleviate the issues I encountered in mexico and india? I am sure there are more places where this is happening. I have seen this need in every country i have visited. We built the app because we believe it’s a good idea!

So when I did my research how to best implement this technology I realized it just needed to be the inverse of how most real time applications work so that we can make this an app that uses incredibly low battery power and have an incredibly high reliability score. We also needed the platform to be social. You should relate to your new friend and you should be able to converse with them. Exploring with an expert should not be a problem for a traveler.

The tourzan app is in Closed Alpha. If you are interested, please go here and let us know.

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