Why you should eat local when traveling.

Cuisine is culture in action, there is something special in each and every dish you eat. A story behind each meal. I am from the USA our food is a hodge podge of different countries and invention. The American dream is beer and hotdogs on the fourth of july while kicking it with your friends. But that beer and hotdog while labeled “all american” is a german invention. If I was asked what is the most american thing to eat I would have a hard time. America adopts the culture of others. Despite this, I can’t find Lomo Saltado a Peruvian staple or Nasi Goreng(pictured above) an Indonesian Staple anywhere in Seattle. Even if I did it just would not be the same.

(Lomo Saltado is AMAZING.)

When traveling I have seen many Tourists try to find a taste of home and I just think it is a shame they would not open their taste buds to the local cuisine. I get it though, you get home home sick. You get homesick and seek out your culture in pasta or a burrito or something else.

Food has a culture.

I am guilty of finding a McDonalds in every country I have visited however its different in each place. Forget a big mac in india. Where’s the beef?! The Big Maharaja has a chicken sausage patty! In France you can get pasta and wine with your fries. In Thailand you can get thai basil chicken and rice or a Thai Tea Ice Cream. I could never get any of this in the states.

I never get what I can get back home. It’s the little things in life and such an easy thing to miss out on.

I often feel a greater connection to my friends outside the USA when visit them. I have in the past shocked my buddies in Malaysia when I ordered chickens feet. Not only is it a bad ass thing to see someone eat but it’s also delish! I first had them when I was in Hong Kong. When you embrace the local cuisine you gain the respect of others.

There is so much to experience in such a simple thing. Why on earth would you ever want to eat your home countries cuisine when abroad?

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