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Native: Swahili Advanced: British English Luo
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My name is Donwilson Odhiambo, I'm an independent Documentary photojournalist from Kibera Slums Nairobi. Currently, as a freelancer focusing on storytelling the human and societal norms, I document the social, cultural, political and economic activities on the day to day life of the slum dwellers. I run and manage my personal blog ( which focuses on my art of photography storytelling. Also through my Instagram account @donwilson.odhiambo. With enough Experience and knowledge in photography, I've always dreamt and imagined of being able to share my piece of art with the world outside my boundaries. My concept is to transform an image into a piece of art through my lens as the paintbrush. Photography allows my individuality to be successfully asserted and has also been my way of learning how to approach people differently depending on their position, naivety or power during my daily field works. Apart from all that you are much welcomed to my home Kibera and can tour around and get some more experience of the beauty and the people behind Africa's largest Slums. Feel free to send me a message.
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