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"Salamu Alikum" Hello. My name is Tarik, I am an English speaking licensed tour guide in Morocco as an independent contractor. I am an easygoing, open-minded and flexible person. I was born and grown up in Libya. Then I moved to our fascinating homeland (Morocco) which has been accommodating a very ancient and rich civilization historically and culturally. I studied two years of English language and literature at university. Started doing meetings up with people from different corners of the world as a volunteer because sharing culture is my passion. Going out for camping and climbing mounts in some fascinating spots in Morocco was fulfilling my hunger for freedom, and built fond of travelling in my spirit, as the core of man's spirit comes from new experiences. After I was permitted by the government to start working as a Tour Guide, it was a great opportunity to start up officially meet amazing people from around the world that bring the echoes of their country with them, and share our Moroccan culture with them in return with pleasure. So I would offer a friendship rather than just a service. For me, life is a nice adventure which is full of opportunities for exploring and learning new things. "Happiness only real when shared" Quoted Insta: tarik_belasri
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