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Tours by locals in El-Giza

Day Tour To Giza Pyramids, Memphis & Sakkara Tour

  • Type: private tour
  • Languages: English
  • Hours: 8
  • Price: 1-2 persons: 97.00 USD for all,
  • Additional people: 0.00 USD for each person
  • Maximum participants: 10
  • Contact guide directly to book a tour

  • Discover Giza Pyramids Tour Visiting the Pyramids and the Sphinx, then the older Step Pyramid at Sakkara and Memphis, the ...

local guides in El-Giza who can show you around.

Average hourly rate: 6.00 USD


  • Rate: 7.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 1
  • Languages: Arabic English

  • I am a tour guide. I am 29 years old
    I like to help people and love to meet new ...


  • Rate: 5.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 1
  • Languages: English Italian

  • Hello my name is Hussein, I am a local tour guide from Egypt. I speak Italian and English. Message me ...

General information

Giza is a Governorate to the west of the Egyptian capital Cairo - a city in its own right, but for a long time now absorbed as part of the heavily-populated and sprawling Cairo metropolis. Giza is best known as that part of Cairo closest to the world-famous Pyramids of Giza, situated high on the desert plateau immediately to the west of the urban district, itself located in the valley and centred around the Pyramids Road, linking central Cairo with the ancient wonders. One of the premier attractions of Egypt, if not the world, the Pyramids of Giza represent the archetypal pyramid structures of ancient Egyptian civilisation and - together with the Sphinx at the base of the Giza plateau - are the iconic image of Egypt.

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