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  • Type: scheduled tour
  • Languages: English
  • Hours: 8
  • Price: 0 USD
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  • this tour is about explore the city of joy

local guides in Kolkata who can show you around.

Average hourly rate: 11.00 USD


  • Rate: 5.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 2
  • Languages: English Hindi

  • I am 22 from Kolkata also known as City of Joy.I love to travel and my passion is Photography.


  • Rate: 12.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 3
  • Languages: Bengali English Hindi

  • A well known photograper from the city and a doctor by profession...


  • Rate: 12.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 4
  • Languages: Bengali American English Hindi

  • IN73997

    Experience:Since 2012


    Private Tour Guide In : Calcutta
    Other Guiding Areas: Darjeeling, Guwahati, Manali, Leh, Srinagar, Mumbai, Gangtok, ...


  • Rate: 15.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 8
  • Languages: Bengali English Hindi

  • I am Navanil, I am a tour guide of kolkata, if you want to explore kolkata, I will be the ...

General information

Kolkata (Bengali:কলকাতা) (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal and the second largest city in India (after Mumbai). If Bangalore is the Seattle of India, then Kolkata is the sub-contintent's London. It is an 'in your face' city that shocks and charms the unsuspecting visitor. Abject poverty mixes inexplicably with crumbling British Raj-era gems, sprawling gardens and historical colleges. Long known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata continues to spawn generations of poets, writers, film producers and Nobel Prize winners. If your trip only allows for a visit of one or two of India's metropolitan cities, then definitely consider placing Kolkata on your itinerary. Love it or hate it, you definitely won't forget the city on the Hooghly.

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