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Tours by locals in Hue

Exploring heritage city with private tour guide

  • Type: private tour
  • Languages: English
  • Hours: 7
  • Price: 1-2 persons: 106.00 USD for all,
  • Additional people: 0.00 USD for each person
  • Maximum participants: 10
  • Contact guide directly to book a tour

  • Understanding about the last Monarchy of Nguyen family in Vietnam. Enjoy the outstanding architectural tomb of Nguyen Kings. Sightseeing the ...

Hue Cultural and hictorical city tour

  • Type: scheduled tour
  • Languages: English
  • Hours: 6
  • Price: 0 USD
  • Closest date: No free dates for the nearest 30 days

  • Hue was once the capital of Vietnam, and is now listed as a World Heritage Site. Sitting on the banks ...

local guides in Hue who can show you around.

Average hourly rate: 9.50 USD


  • Rate: 9.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 4
  • Languages: American English Vietnamese

  • Hi everyone. My name is Ngoc. I have been working as a tour guide in Central of Vietnam for many ...

Tri Dai

  • Rate: 10.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 3
  • Languages: English Vietnamese

  • Hi everyone, I'm Tri Dai, Just call me Do as my friends like to call me. Born and raised ...

General information

Hue (Huế) is in the central region of Vietnam and is the former imperial capital.

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