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Malaga is a remarkable place to visit! Did you know that the city appeared approximately three millennia ago? That’s why Malaga is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the whole world. Phoenicians were the ones to found the city, which at those times was called “Malaka”. Malaga has gone through periods of Carthage hegemony, Roman dominance, Moorish invasion and Spanish Reconquista. The heritage of all these periods makes Spain an open-air museum of countless historical monuments, archeological sites, and places of interest.

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During our private tour in Spain we will explore some of the most popular tourist attractions and destinations of Malaga. As your private guide in Malaga I would recommend you to start exploring the city from the Plaza del Obispo. This place represents great interest as far as it is enclosed by two beautiful religious buildings. You will also find there a remarkable medieval fountain. Our next destination will be the legendary Alcazaba. It is a very ancient fortification built approximately in the 11th century. As the matter of fact the Alcazaba of Malaga is the best preserved one in the whole Spain. It is situated on the top of the hill in the center of Malaga, and consequently it is clearly seen almost from any point of the city. Not far from the entrance to the fortification there are the remnants of a Roman theatre, which was built approximately in the 2nd century BC. Currently it is undergoing restoration.

After a thorough exploration of the Alcazaba we will proceed to our next destination. Any private guide in Spain would advice you to include the Plaza de la Merced to your itinerary. Without any doubt you’ve heard about the legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. You should know that Malaga was his birthplace and there are several museums dedicated to Picasso there.  

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